Martin Luther King Research Paper

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In this world there are many leaders, some do not listen to other people and are very stubborn. Others listen to their supporters and critics to make their decisions thus leaving behind their own opinions and thoughts. A strong leader in this century should doggedly stick to their idea because they should not become too flexible and be very strict to apply the correct rules and regulations for a good society. Martin Luther Kind Junior is a very good example of this belief making sure that his voice was heard through his people, and on the other hand George W. Bush did not follow these guidelines. Martin Luther King definitely fits these qualities of a strong leader because he was able to remain loyal to his opinions. For example, many of his supporters wanted to create riots and cause a lot of destruction when fighting for civil rights. On the other hand, King did not listen to these comments but instead urged everyone to do peaceful protests and to not fight back. Thus doing this he was able to lead his people to a successful future with no segregation. If Martin Luther King did not follow his own guidelines to fighting for civil rights African Americans might not have the same rights they have today. Another example of MLK being …show more content…

Bush did not follow these qualities and made many mistakes that could have easily been avoided. An example of this was after the destruction of the world trade center. After this event, many people were terrified of the next attack making everyone very paranoid. This caused a lot of media to believe that the attacks were the orders of Sad are Hussain. George W. Bush did not want to interfere with Iraq but instead listened to everyone and sent troops to investigate the situation. As a result, the troops found no weapons and no clues hinting that Hussain was involved in this. Because George W. Bush listened to the paranoid media and people of America he started a new war which was definitely a big

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