Blue Woman In Black Chair Sculptures

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Sculptures are a form of artwork that portray a certain message towards an audience at hand. The University of Texas at Austin holds the following two sculptures which remind us of the power of artistry: Martin Luther King, Jr (1999) and Blue Woman in Black Chair (1981). The former monument, by Ana Koh-Varilla and Jeffrey Varilla, stands in the East Mall and the latter, by George Segal, sits on the 2nd floor of the Blanton Museum. Both sculptures represent a distinct human figure yet, differ in their components in relation to their size/scale, subject matter and figure/drapery. Regarding size/ scale the Varillas create a larger than life sized bronze, figure placed on a sturdy pedestal, demonstrating the concept of authority and influence. This sculpture craves attention as is stands outside, on a concrete platform with four steps, facing each side of the detailed pedestal. This pedestal possesses quotes such as “I have a…show more content…
and The Blue Woman in a Black Chair sculptures have demonstrate the various expressions sculptors can evoke. Through the usage of an approachable, engraved pedestal, the built bronze color and detailed outer aesthetics, Ana Koh-Varilla and Jeffrey Varilla convey the dynamic message of the profound ideas Mr. King presented decades ago and the eternal impact those compelling principles will have for decades to come. Segal, on the other hand strays away from an idealistic approach for exchange of expressing the realistic behaviors of life. Through the placement of the drapery, the tranquil blue color, and ambiguous form of the quiet figure, Segal highlights the relatable sedentary behavior of slouching, inwardly focusing on one’s self and one’s thoughts. In a quiet setting like the Blanton, Segal’s sculpture resonates with many individuals, however his art work was placed in an outside setting, there would be a barrier in embracing and fully connecting with the sculpture at

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