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Social Activists Influential Techniques

Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream," and Malcom X's "The Black Revolution," were both influential speeches during the civil rights movement. There are aspects and characteristics of the two speeches that distinguish them from others, make them especially moving. The writers use powerful diction, tone, literary devices, and appeal to emotional, ethical, and logical beliefs.

The diction, phrases, and words used in King's "I Have a Dream" speech, appeal to the emotional aspect of the audience. He focuses on drawing the attention of the audience, and distinguishing the realities of segregation, discrimination, and racism. King states, "a great American in whose symbolic shadow we stand today signed
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The speech persuades people to live under the values of Muslim; furthermore, that the black population should strike back against the whites. He begins by setting the situation, asking how the "poor black sheep," can integrate "into a society of bloodthirsty white wolves" (Malcom X, 1) By using words like "bloodthirsty" and a condescending tone, Malcom X displays how pitiful the segregation is. He uses a metaphor, envisioning the "blood-thirsty wolf," to the "American White Man' (Malcom X, 3) Something as simple and harsh as wolves eating sheep should not be a model for our racial standards in a united country. Malcom X alludes to "God," "the bible," and "the honorable Elijah Muhammad" repeatedly, which validates his opinion with the people's beliefs. He uses ethos techniques and increases the trust of his audience. Malcom X states that the civil rights "black revolution," is developing because "the honorable Elijah Muhammad, a godsend shepherd," has "opened the eyes of our people (Malcom X, 4) By praising Muhammad, people are more likely to follow along with his religious opinions, similar to how King praises the Bible. He states that Muhammad teaches them "the only intelligent and lasting solution," to the problem they face (Malcom X, 4) This line shows that Malcom X intends to appeal to the logical aspect of his audience and the civil…show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr talks in short, strong sentences, individually having deep meanings. This confidence in the speech shows how King persuades his audience using ethos techniques. This language makes him sound like an authority figure, increasing his credibility. He also uses pathos techniques, and describes saddening and passionate stories about discrimination. Malcom X talks in long, complex sentences, and goes into depth about ethical and religious viewpoints. Malcom X also uses ethos techniques, confidently speaking. Malcom X also uses the realities of the work and natural comparisons, using logos techniques and logical
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