Martin Luther King Strength To Love Analysis

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Khadija Abdulahi
God is Able
In the book, “Strength to Love” by Martin Luther King Jr, focuses on the problem of racial segregation and discrimination in the United States. King was a leader in the civil rights movement. He used a non-violent tactic from his Christian belief. King argued that the Christian faith is what brings people together and it is key to their freedom. Through King’s teaching we learn his belief that the view and trust you have of God influences human nature. King believed that in order to accomplish a greater good we must have faith in God. God will give them the strength they need once there is trust and faith with him.
Martin Luther King Jr. Christian beliefs ultimately influenced his view on human nature. King believed that even though humans are wired to do evil and harm, God is trying to stop the evil from spreading. King said that if you have love for God and have trust and loyalty with him then God would guide you and keep you away from evil. “The Christian doctrine of love, operating
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King said “The Christian faith makes it possible for us nobly to accept that which cannot be changed, to meet disappointments and sorrow with an inner poise, and to absorb the most intense pain without abandoning our sense of hope.” (King, 97) The statement reiterates how the Christian faith is the beacon of light at the end of the tunnel for them. God is the dawn of all hope and the beckon of light. Even when we reach our lowest and are struggling in our darkest hours, King says that we know that a new dawn of hope will arrive because God is ultimately able to do anything. God’s love, strength, justice and wrath are infinite but the worldly disappointments, hatred and the fear ends. King uses Christian scriptures as his evidence. In the bible, God promised his people as long as they have full faith in him that he would aid them and strengthen them to do what is difficult in the midst of hard
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