Causes Of Racism

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Racism was known for a long time ago since human creation, it had many negative consequences on the human race such as wars, and it also created disunion between different categories. Moreover, racism can be defined as the act that values a certain race or class over the others and give them the right to take control over the other categories, this right of control is due to the fact that these other categories are from a different back ground (Religion, race, sex….etc.). Racism is one of the biggest problems in our modern society, a lot of wars were caused by it and due to this fact it is considered as a major contributor to social unrest. It is a huge problem that requires acknowledgment.
There are three different kinds of racism, direct discrimination, indirect discrimination and harassment. Direct discrimination occurs when someone is being treated badly by a different category of people just because of his back ground. In addition, direct discrimination is caused by different reasons such as (sex, race, religion, age, disability…etc.). Being treated differently is not always considered discrimination, an example would be not allowing kids to go to someplace or do some specific activity because of their age. However, if the reason of being treated
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Moreover, harassment and racism are very similar to each other, both of them leave their victims with very negative affections, also both of them are contributing to social unrest. However, the only difference between them is that their causes might vary in some situations. Society must get rid of these evil habits in order to get advanced into a better

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