Martin Luther King Was Just Or Unjust

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ROUGH DRAFT Do you think the assassination of martin Luther was just or unjust? Keep reading to find out. Martin Luther king Jr was the civil right leader who was assassinated on April 6, 1968 at Lorraine motel in Memphis, Tennessee by James earl ray. Martin Luther king’s civil right movements led to the march on Washington and his trip to India, the land of Gandhi, gave the american people struggle for human dignity. The bus boycott was just one example of many situations where, under King’s influence, the civil rights movement gained attention and respect. The assassination of martin Luther king was unjust because he fought for equal rights and stop nothing to make the world a better place, However some people believe he had too much power. Martin Luther king fight for equality was a vision and a motivation. Martin Luther king Jr played a leadership role as the public “face” of civil right campaign, and as such, he was careful to maintain a public image that would…show more content…
During the 1960s, various groups and individuals participated in the anti-racist civil rights movement. Racial discrimination had permeated American society, especially in the South. Protesters used a variety of tactics, from nonviolent passive resistance to political lobbying, to force societal change. The civil rights movement created a more inclusive America, one in which people of all races, ethnicity and genders increasingly enjoy legal equality. Martin Luther king Jr was not a violent, he nobly fought for justice without violence, he led a peaceful movement that changed the world. According to King, ‘‘I Have a Dream,’’ in A Call to Conscience, Carson and Shepard, eds., 2001. “Martin Luther king Jr was attacked 348 times over the course of 27 peaceful protest, he never once fought any of the
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