Martin Luther King: What Does Being Ethical Mean?

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What does being ethical mean? Ethical basically means to do the right thing based on your morality. Ethics can be summed up as a standard of behavior. This means you must apply these standards of behavior to the way we live in both our personal and work lives. These standards of behaviors are set by government, professional bodies, organizations and community groups. This is mainly because theses societies are in some part of the world valued. Being ethical gives you a source of motivation that provides a sense of satisfaction. When you feel like you are making a valuable contribution to the happiness and the wellbeing of others. This creates an emotional high which can attribute to them doing a good job. In our book we learn about Martin Luther King, he made an ethical statement on the law by fighting for the rights of all black people. Although he was a law breaker, it was a good thing because he was fighting for the rights that everyone deserved not just the white people.…show more content…
We live together on this planet with other people and animals. An action we take like throwing a rock, can have a rippling effect on our society. Our book also told the story about John F Kenney, he addressed the people on Civil Rights. This speech spoke about racial injustice as a moral or ethical issue. In this speech, the President challenged people to treat each other with respect in their daily lives. People act ethically because it makes them feel good to do the right thing. We also associate ourselves with people who act ethically to help lead a better and more fulfilling life. The strength of individual and their ability to reach their goals while doing it ethically makes it liberating and an empowering
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