Martin Luther King Wrote It To The World In The Cay By Theodore Taylor

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Martin Luther King. jr had a dream and told the world Theodore Taylor had a similar dream and wrote it to the world In the book The Cay by Theodore Taylor tries to convey to his readers that though we all are different on the outside and have different lives we all share the same world we all have to eat laugh play make friends, why do we have to look at people by their differences and not their similarities. In the beginning of the story a young immature boy named Phillip, when stranded with Timothy he shows his inexperience by judging Timothy by the color of his skin. travels with his mother to america on the S.S Hato, a cargo ship headed to america but is torpedoed Phillip is hit on the head with a plank and goes unconscious when he regains conscious he find that he is on a raft with a black man. The book vividly explains how Timothy looks, this is a negative connotation showing that Phillip immediately disliked him by his physical features. Timothy was being kind ,understanding that Phillip is not used to some people and will be upset from what he has gone through. Timothy tries to survive and catches fish for them to eat but since there is no fire to cook the fish they have to eat it raw, Phillip uses this to prove that they are “different”…show more content…
This allows a transition in Philip 's relationship with Timothy. Phillip shares his life with Timothy and act like old friends working together to survive and sharing each other 's joys and victories slowly Phillip opens up to Timothy and together they build a strong relationship.Theodore Taylor proves their friendship over and over like when Timothy got malaria Phillip tried his best to keep Timothy safe. Timothy and Phillip are working together helping each other and concerning goals( The coconut Tree) Phillip is becoming mature and has experienced hardships that most people won’t even have thought
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