Martin Luther King's Argument Against Racial Discrimination

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During this period of time African Americans were being treated without equality, since they were seen as a minority in the United States for their skin color. This led to have segregated public places all around America, because white people were seen as the dominant race, and could never imagen themselves cohabiting with other races, not even in their dreams. This type of problem was more likely to be visible in the south of the United States such as Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South and North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and as well as Texas. However, segregation did not stop the white people for making the African American people be more aware of the procedures that they need to learn and live day by day, any African American who cross a boundary of the segregation signs would be punish by death. This procedure was very outrages for the fact that Black people were being lynched, for only making eye contact with a…show more content…
This Speech was Martin Luther King declaring his dreams on how he wants to see his future, where freedom, justice, equality belongs to everyone, were he would not be happy until he sees justice, no matter the difficulties that he would face tomorrow, his dreams would not rest until they become reality. This Speech of Martin Luther king, was perform to stop racism in The United States, to stop all types of segregation that would stop black people from following a dream as well as have a normal life and satisfying live, without the fear of he, she, friends or family being attacked by their color while walking in the streets of a country that they personally helped create and establish, to wake up an entire country and make them realize that this is not how the best country in the world should be known by the future generation that is yet to
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