Martin Luther King's I Ve Been To The Mountaintop

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Martin Luther King was one of the greatest speech givers in the modern era. King knew how to move crowds with words and utilize the strength in his tone to empower others. A reverend by training, King always used religious references to further lift emotions in the crowd. His most famous speech was undoubtedly I Have A Dream but King made many more famous speeches. I’ve Been to the Mountaintop was King's last and arguably his most powerful speech. King’s speech would reiterate the struggle of the African-American race and his vision for a brighter future. King came to Memphis with the focus of speaking for the rights of public sanitation workers. He would take the simple subject of poor treatment of sanitation workers and turn it into an inspiring speech of reaching the promised land. The promise land of freedom for all, not just for a few. The promise land of equal education and the promise land of racial…show more content…
Faith and religion was especially focused on in this speech in particular. King regularly used diction found in the bible as references to the hardship of modern times. Verses and quotes from the bible got the crowd to listen attentively to his speech. Martin Luther King ended his speech with the imagery of him being Moses and God showing him the promise land but he would never get there in his lifetime. This would foreshadow the outcome the following day, with the death of Martin luther King himself. Martin Luther King’s last speech was passionate, faith-filled, and moved the crowds. The original intention was to get support for a sanitation workers strike but the speech eventually turned into a speech of empowerment and a calling for unity among the black community to reach the promised land together as one unit. Although racial tension is still present today, Martin Luther King made great progress to unite the United States of America. But inequality still exist and the journey to the promise land continues
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