Martin Luther King's Influence On American Society

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Where do we go from here Undeniably, Martin Luther King is a great fighter in American history. He leaded black Americans to fight for eliminating social injustice and racial discrimination. Although he was assassinated before finishing his exception, he exerts tremendous influence on American society. Nowadays, the social status of black American has been improved colossally. I think that black American is so fortunate in that Martin Luther King provide a correct way to getting equal rights for them. Now, after the reform and opening-up policy, China becomes more and more international and modern, meanwhile, Chinese society appears some problems. Yet we do not have a man like Martin who can offer us a method to solve these problems. The safety of schoolchildren is a serious issue. Recently, perhaps no other things could gain more public attention than RYB Education Kindergarten in China. Several parents reported to police on Wednesdays night that their children, all around 3 years old and enrolled at the kindergarten in Beijing, had needle marks on their bodies and were repeatedly fed unidentified white pills. The kindergarten is suspected of child abuse and child molestation. After hearing the report, people are extreme astonishment in that they never…show more content…
The movie was effect on Korean society at that time, and Korean government even amended the law to increase the punishment of criminals who raped children. However, penalty for criminals who raped children is not heavy enough to warn the criminal. Thus, they are unscrupulous to do harm to children and leave psychic trauma to children. We always say that children are the flowers of the motherland and the future of the country. It demonstrates how important children for development of country. They are disadvantaged group and need people’s care instead of
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