Martin Luther King's Protest On College Campuses

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Mr. President I understand that this is a difficult time to be the president of the United States. With the mounting conflicts and troubles regarding the Tet offensive, assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., and the riots, which erupted soon after. Now many are in grief and rage throughout many cities. In addition, the current situations around the country have revealed an increase in disapproval regarding civil rights and the Vietnam War. A crisis of serious proportions has descended upon our cities, creating for our society a tremendous challenge. Protest on college campuses have also been growing against racial inequality and the Vietnam War since the death of Martin Luther King Jr. On April 23rd, white and black student radicals have started occupying buildings on campus including the president’s office. Students are also angry with Columbia’s connection to the Institute for Defense Analysis and are protesting against the school 's involvement with military research for the government, its aggressiveness as well as over Columbia 's plan to build a gym in Harlem, which black students called racist due to the small area they will be allowed to use. It started as a non-confrontational protest that has…show more content…
The American public has deeply mixed feelings about the war. I believe we have all been so wrapped up in the Cold War, in military spending, in anti-Communism, in which, it was perceived that Vietnam was being a threat to our way of life, as being an extension of Soviet imperialism. The governments refusal to understand that it was a nationalist movement that was very difficult to defeat by foreign occupation. I believe now is the time for you to focus more on our domestic issues, starting with poverty, unemployment and tensions with race and civil liberties. If not, many thousands of diversified Americans will continue to protest against these issue that continue adding friction with local police forces around the country who were trying to keep the
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