Martin Luther King's Speech In The Letter Of Dr. King

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The primary audience in the speech is mainly for the gay community of the nation. Mr. Milk is able to connect with his audience because he too is gay. The primary audience in the letter are those who “criticize” Dr. King, and he confronts his audience as a African American who has been oppressed and will not tolerate it any longer. The main purpose of the speech is to “give hope” to the gay community, and Mr. Milk does this by explaining how the “right movement” is not really happening as so many think. Instead this is the day and age where more dialouge then ever is cerculationg the homosxual lifestle then ever before, and it is up to those who make up the community to set the example in politics, and show the world where they stand. In the letter, Dr. King’s purpose is to expose the…show more content…
Also he makes clear in his letter that he will continue to break and object any unjust law because “an unjust law is no law at all.” The white moderates Dr. King refers to are those who understand his desire and are not hindering him from reaching his goals however, they are the ones who rather see overall peace then justice. They are the ones who notice the problem with society but rather sweep it under the rug than make a stance. Mr. Milk explains that we wants to recruit people for his cause, meaning he wants strong willed members of the community that are willing to step out of the mold and will set an example for the homosexual population. Mr. Milk uses the following rhetorical devices: holy war, logical reasoning, and anaphora. Mr. Milk first uses the holy war rhetoric when he explained that a woman accused the drought in California due to God’s anger of the gay people, but Mr. Milk states that it rained when he was elected and after he was sworn in. Proving that gay people are not the
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