Martin Luther King Speech Summary

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Many people might not be aware but Martin Luther Kings I’ve been on the mountain speech was made the night before he was brutally assassinated. This speech was delivered on April 3th 1968 in Memphis Tennessee in a crowed church. He was there supporting a strike by garbage workers. He was known to many of us throughout history as civil rights leader who fought for equality for black people in America. For me he was a fearless man as many of us who have read about that time period now that black people had not rights when compared to that of white citizens and had to endure serve brutality. But he didn’t let that discourage him as he believed that man should be judged by the colour of their skin but by their character. I follow agree with this…show more content…
The blow narrowly missed his arrotea and as told by doctors that something as a simple sneeze could have killed him. He was able to survive the attack. Recuperating from the incident among several letter that he received he got one in particular that really moved him from a little girl expressing her relief that he didn’t sneeze after he was attacked because that could have been the final blow. His I’ve been on the mountain top speech was a reflection on the progress that he was able to witness during his fight for equality for black Americans. I think the focal point of the speech was him looking at his own morality. He was empathizing in his speech was that even though a great many people looked up to him and admire him he was not be idolized because he is just a man and like all men there will be a day when he will die and that it would take each and every one to continue to fight after he is gone. I with think he was giving hope to people hope that through his vision he saw that their goal would be achieved in the fight for equality and that they shouldn’t be discouraged with the challenges that they were currently facing because through their continues fight this will be
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