Martin Luther's Influence In Germany

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Martin Luther, was and is still an important figure/role during the Italian Renaissance and in Germany today. He turned out to be a monk and successfully created his own belief called, “Lutheranism” at the end. He was able to make people believe that he was right at the end. Therefore, it is known that Martin Luther did not change his beliefs in the end even though he had consequences throughout his decision.
He was on the opposite side of a man who is called Tetzel. Tetzel was the creator of Indulgences. Martin Luther believed that the idea of Indulgences would not work. He believed that is was just words on paper. He also believed that Tetzel and the Catholic Church came up with this idea to get money from people by telling the citizens
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Before Martin Luther got known as an important figure in the German country, mostly everyone believed that God was number one and God will be right all the time. However with the idea that Martin Luther came up, everyone started to follow the idea of Luther knowing that God isn’t number one. There is no need to go to the Catholic Church and if you want to speak to God, you will not have to go to the Priest and talk with him. He believed that you are able to communicate with God in person. In Source 1, it talks about how Martin Luther was thinking about the difference between “justice of God” and “the just shall live by faith”. The author of this source uses such words as “grace” and “mercy” to indicate that people are placing God as priority rather than placing God on the same level as them. Also in Source 1, the author makes clear that if you have the truth faith for God, then you are looking up upon God. You also have the love towards this important figure that will never die. This Source 1 is reliable because the author is Martin Luther himself and he is putting down his own mind toward how ‘he’ sees God and how the ‘other people’ see God and how they are…show more content…
We are able to know this from looking at Source 5 where it says things such as breaking and punish. The author writes such things like breaking the obedience to set the readers to tell what they are doing and should go on the good side so that God will protect them. The author also uses words such as “First. I will not oppose a ruler who,...will punish these peasants without offering to submit the case to judgement [courts]. For he is within his rights, since the peasants are not contending any longer for the Gospel”. From this passage we are able to tell that Martin Luther is for God and not against him. If the citizens do things the right way, there will be less punishment or even no punishment. However if people do not follow as the rules there will be bad things in your life. This source is reliable because the author is uses words from Martin Luther. He put as the title Condemnation of the Peasant Revolt, from this title we are able to tell that the German peasants revolted and made their own decisions. Also this source was written in 1524, which means that starting from this age, the peasants started to revolt, in other words, it was happening during the time the source was written
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