Martin Luther The Founding Father Analysis

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Luther the German Patriot and Founding Father Martin Luther is the “founding father” of Christianity, he started the Protestant Reformation. He was motivated by his fear of God and going to hell. Becoming a monk and giving up his legal carrier led him to his own enlightenment by reading the Book of Romans in the Bible. While he was trying to find his own salvation, he strongly disagreed with the corruption of the Catholic church. He realized that he can justify his own faith so as others. By becoming a theology professor, he started to build his own ideas about the relationship between people and God. The rising nationalism of his time and his new philosophies about religion and faith made him a new advocate of absolute monarchy, democracy,…show more content…
His propaganda against the practice of the Pope to have the authority to read and interpret the Bible only and make people believe and follow it. Luther said that everyone can and should read the Bible for themselves, and have their own conclusion and faith. He had a strong criticism about the church's wealth, called its leaders corrupt and immoral. He strongly disagreed with selling indulgences and simony, when people after facing and regretting their sins had to pay large fees to be able to get to haven instead of hell. This was a e very old “tradition” of the Catholic church, but by the 16th century it became abusive. In his opinion salvation comes from the faith of Christ. His group of followers and supporters started to grow quickly. More and more people started to against the authority of the Pope and the Catholic church. Based on Luther's finding the Bible should be the base of good religious life. This is how Christianity was born and became part of the political and social reforms in Germany and later in whole Europe. One of the newest invention of this time the printing press was a major tool of communication. Luther could spread his ideas and believes faster than ever before. Although, the new faith was spreading fast, Martin Luther was “punished” and officially…show more content…
They can be their on leaders, by owning and reading the Book of God. This changed the political structure of the society, the Holy Emperor lost its strong control. He challenged and influenced all scholars and artist of his time and whole Europe went through drastic changes. Early capitalism was born and science developed. One of his biggest achievement and contribution was the translated German Bible, which was published in 1534. He also helped to the changes in the basic family structure by stressing the importance of nurturing children strong home life and
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