Martin Luther: The Man Who Changed Church History

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Martin Luther, the man who changed church history, was dedicated in finding the truth about church believes and why he believed the church needed to make changes. Although the Reformation happened in 1517, it is still important to remember all that took place during these crucial times. Through hard work, Luther studied Scripture and pointed out to the church what they were doing differently, according to Scripture. Through his perseverance, Luther changed church history for the better. Once Martin Luther realized there was a difference of beliefs among the church and himself, he investigated the truths. Furthermore, he sought facts about conversion and how one can be saved through Salvation. As believers, this is what we believe in order…show more content…
During this time, the church was honestly separated from what the truths say in the Bible. Luther believed that forgiveness is an amazing gift from our Creator, but the church thought it could be bought. This is important for new and old believers to understand since everything today is bought with a price. The grace of God and Salvation is free! He sacrificed His son to give us eternal life, and this is what made Luther distressed. The church believed forgiveness was bought, but in reality, all we need to do is pray. Luther took a stand for what he believed and sought for people to know the truth about what the church was teaching. If this did not happen, the church would be radically different today. Even though Martin Luther Addressed the church about their wrongdoings, he also instructed Christians about what they should be doing. It is crucial for people who have been believers for a while to guide new believers in their walk of faith. We are to guide and instruct them so they will know about what it means to be like Christ. Being Christians is more than just claiming Christianity, its demonstrating His love by giving, communicating, and forgiving others who do wrong against you. Through all Martin Luther did to the church, he stood strong in his beliefs and came clear to the church of what faith and forgiveness should look like, according to
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