Martin Luther's 95 These Analysis

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Martin Luther was a monk. He also was a professor at Wittenberg University. He studied and taught the holy bible to people. He played an important part in the protestant reformation. Martin criticized The Power of Pope and The Extreme Wealth of the Catholic Church. He played an important part because the 95 theses were made. They were a group of questions for going against. People of the catholic church would put their money in a coffer. Coffer was like a money box that was in front of the church. People really thought they was getting into heaven by doing this. But they really wasn’t. The catholic just wanted there money.
These 95 theses were made and written by Martin Luther in 1517. The theses were quickly translated into german. It was
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The 95 theses changed the catholic church. The church was no longer focused on God. The people felt like they had to pay their way into heaven. Which you didn’t have to pay, you just had to believe that you will got to heaven The theses help make a lot of changes in the catholic church. The church was really about themselves and a lot of people and it shouldn’t be happening like that. Luther had major problems with the church’s abuse of power.He didn’t agree at all to selling indulgences at all. He thought it was wrong to do that. The pope disliked him for writing the 95 theses. So the pope burned his books. They thought the 95 theses were wrong. Then a man named Pope Leo X to give up his beliefs and stop dreaming. But luther didn’t stop so he burned Pope Leo oder. Later on Luther was kicked out of university and was no longer a munk. So he decided to spread his beliefs farther than before. He went out and translated the testament into german. Of course there was an organization called Lutheranism was formed. Then Gutenberg printing press made it possible for luther beliefs about the 95 theses to spread. People should not pay there way to see if they get in heaven. They should mainly focus on the word of god. Also teach to souls that are lost in this
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