Martin Luther's Impact On Church Life

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Martin Luther had a major impact on Church life in Europe in the Sixteenth Century. Martin had a problem with the Roman Catholic Church. He questioned the Catholic Church’s right to sell people on the idea that indulgences should be bought and sold. He ceased the seemingly endless power of the Catholic Church. He touched the lives of many individuals throughout his sixty-two year life. As a result of his defiance, he also helped create a new branch of the Christianity Religion, Lutheranism. From his early life, to his time protesting against the Catholic Church, to his effects afterwards, Martin always found ways to allow his thoughts and actions be heard and seen. Martin, his wife, and his seven children were active in their community and set good examples. Martin Luther’s life was one that ended up changing the world as we know it today. Martin quickly became a well-known figure in his community. “He was born on 10 November 1483 to Hans and Margarethe Luther in the town of Eisleben” (“Martin Luther”). He began going to school at…show more content…
From the early stages, through his time as a monk, to his aftermath, Martin’s effect has been present. He lived to be sixty-two years of age, outliving his wife, Katharina by nine years. His lifespan was impressive, due to the short life expectancy at the time in Europe during the sixteenth century. Luther helped many citizens in his life. Whether it was helping out in his community when he was young, or helping others find a new meaning to life. He also might have been helping out someone today who is looking back at Martin’s life, and making adjustments to their spiritual life. He also helped millions of Germans when he translated the bible from other languages to the German language; so that many more people could read and hear the word of the Gospel. Martin Luther had a tremendous impact on the life of the Church throughout Europe during his
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