Martin Luther's Impact On The Age Of Reformation

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The Age of Reformation was a movement that led to the eventual influence and demise of the previously powerful Catholic Church. People were now able to worship God as they believed and they no longer relied on the Catholic Church for guidance with religious matters. Most importantly, people began to leave the religious strife that was taking place in their European homelands and they headed west to America to worship God as they pleased.
Martin Luther had a tremendous impact on the Age of Reformation. Luther was a former Catholic monk who wrote the 95 Thesis document and nailed it on the door of the Catholic Church of Wittenberg. Once this happened many people all throughout Germany began to react to his convictions. He exposed the church for what he believed to be corrupt. Different protestant denominations began to spring up and they were in conflict with other Christian sects about the matter of how best to worship God.
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After the religious dissenters from Europe arrived in America, society was dominated by a clash of various religious beliefs. Those beliefs continued to dominate America for hundreds of years, up until the latter half of the 20th century. Religion was so strong in America that it dictated the lives of millions of settlers that lived in the colonies. People in America can now worship as they believe but no state religion is to be endorsed. Many different Christian denominations are being worshipped in America today. American citizens also worship other religions, such as Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. Even though Protestant Christianity is the dominant religion in the country, many citizens do not necessarily live their lives according to these religious ideas and truths. Although religious freedom I America is such a blessing, it has certainly come away from its original foundations of being built upon the word of
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