Martin Luther's Influence On Society

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In the 1500’s the most powerful institution on the west was the Catholic Church.
The church was involved in every aspect of peoples’ lives throughout Rome, from birth to death.The church was powerful because the people believed it was the key to salvation. In order to go to heaven you have to obey the commandments and follow the sacraments. Sacraments were the rights that brought people closer to God. Martin Luther had been involved in these religions. Martin Luther was a critic of the Catholic church because he had the right to state his opinion.
Martin Luther grew up in a religious society. He followed the church all his life. In his later years, Luther wanted to advance his education and knowledge on his religion. He read the bible many
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Luther claimed we shall have power and authority so that the community should choose and appoint a minister. In this “argument” he clearly just stated his opinion. He has the right to an opinion and his ideas added more attention and followers.
Martin Luther changed Europe in many ways. Europe had a political landscape at the time. After all of his research and investigation he translated the Bible into words common people could actually understand. He also started the Reformation which had many effects on the world. He brought free thinking to the masses because he believed everyone should have access to the Word of God. The Reformation ended up going much further than Luther had ever intended. He saw the rise of Calvin and Anabaptists, which were beliefs built off of his idea to break off from the church.
Luther never used violence or force, he just mainly stated his opinion. This proved that he didn’t use force and he didn't intent to spread his ideas. Luther had no idea how much power he had. He didn't realize the effects of his own words on his listeners he was just stating his beliefs and this makes him an unintentional critic. People now realize that other people can have strong opinions. It might lead to long term effects unintentionally as well as how the community comes to a
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