Martin Luther's Major Accomplishments

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On November 10th 1483, Margret and Hans Luther gave birth to their second child, Martin Luther. He was born in Eisleben, Saxony (Germany). Luther lived a quiet childhood and enrolled in Law School in 1501 at the University of Erfurt. Four years later, after being struck by lightning, he deserted his studies join a monastery. Two short years (1507) later he was ordained by a priest, and he became a professor at Wittenberg University, teaching biblical theology. After getting married to Katherine von Bora, he had six children. Martin’s life and voice about the religions problems changed the way people practiced Christianity forever. He accomplished this but not before running into issues with the church and pope. He eventually died in his hometown,…show more content…
He had many accomplishments leading up to the reform of the church. The first way Luther voiced his concerns about the church were through the 95 Theses. These theses were a list of well-written complaints focusing on the sale of indulgences. He believed that people couldn’t buy their way out of their sins and indulgences were an abuse of the church 's power. He posted his list in his university and his ideas quickly spread. After expanding throughout the Roman Empire Martin Luther was invited, by Pope Leo X to the Diet of Worms, where Luther was excommunicated. Luther, after being kicked out of the church, was hid by Frederick the Wise. while in hiding Luther accomplished something that had never been done before: translating the bible in a vernacular language. He rewrote the bible in German, which would give more people the opportunity to read it. This also began to let people interpret the bible differently from what they were taught. Luther continued to publicly attack the church and pope, and spread his ideas on “Justification by Faith” across Europe. After finally breaking away from the church in 1520, Luther published more influential writings, consisting of To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation, The Babylonian Captivity of the Church, and The Freedom of a Christian. These all further described Luther 's’ beliefs and criticized the Pope and the Catholic Traditions. As more people read the bible more began to interpret it and agree with Martin Luther and follow and practice his teachings. This was the beginning of a new branch of
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