Martin Luther's On Christian Liberty

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Martin Luther was a very important figure in Western history and for the Protestant Reformation. He argues that many people think that Christian faith is an easy thing, they say this because they have not had the chance to experienced or make proof of it. People have to understand that Martin Luther was not opposed to Christianity, he was just criticizing some of the things that he thought they did wrong. He also talks about the importance of faith, trustworthiness and salvation in Christianity. The importance of salvation is what encourages other Christians to keep worshiping God and having faith. His work, On Christian Liberty, impact on the church and society was so tremendous that he is still recognize and known today. Martin Luther links the notion of “Christian freedom” to faith. He believes that having faith is what brings freedom. Although having faith is the only spiritual things we need; we also need to be aware of the acts that we commit on earth. As Martin Luther mentioned: “To preach Christ means to feed the soul, make it righteous, set it free, and save it, provided it…show more content…
He refers to it as being free from the law and sins. He often talks about salvation. Having faith in Christ and making good decisions brings you to salvation. Moral acts and worshiping God are the main things that a Christian should be involved in. As the Apostle says in Rom: “The moment you begin to have faith you learn that all things in you are altogether blameworthy, sinful, and damnable” (pg.8). It is mentioned in the book that God has made all things depend on faith so that those who have faith, will eventually have everything. In life, everyone is looking for salvation and happiness and Martin Luther gives us an idea of how to obtain it. “True faith in Christ is a treasure beyond comparison which brings with it complete salvation and saves man from every evil” (Martin Luther,
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