Martin Luther's Role In The Protestant Reformation

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Martin Luther was a monk and a professor at Wittenberg. He taught and studied about the bible. Martin Luther played a significant part in the protestant Reformation. Which was a corruption in the church and reformation of the church. He played a significant part in it because, he wrote the ninety- five theses. The ninety-five theses basically sparked the Protestant Reformation. The ninety- five theses, written by Martin Luther was posted on the door of the catholic church. It was a list of all things wrong with the catholic church. He basically criticized different things wrong regarding the Catholic Church. It covered many different topics like the extreme wealth. Regarding the extreme wealth, the church used things like relics to gain money. They would have locks of hair, bones, tubes of blood,etc. and told the people of the church that they were of some holiness. These people of the church, believing the church of course paid the money. Hoping that whatever they paid for would cure whatever was wrong in their life. Another thing that it covered was indulgence. The people of the church would put money in the coffer. The coffer is a money box that is at the front of the church. The church uses this box for people to put money into, because the people feel as if they need to pay to make sure they get into…show more content…
These things helped make a lot of changes in the church. Some reasons why the ninety- five theses is so important is because, he addressed a lot of hierarchy issues within the church. The focus was no longer about God, but it was about men, a lot of which shouldn't have been in the positions they were in. It was also because people felt as if they had to pay to in order to not have to go to purgatory. They felt they had to pay in order to go to heaven, but Luther tried to explain that you don’t have to pay indulgences to go to heaven, all you had to do was have faith in god and truly believe in
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