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Martin Shkreli Martin Shkreli was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1982. His parents were immigrants who worked as janitors. Shkreli dropped out of high school his senior year due to his ambition for money. He was able to complete his diploma and continue to receive his bachelor’s degree in finance and economics. He then began to work for Cramer Berkowitz where he was very successful selling biotech stock. Martin is an experienced biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry investor, particularly in businesses with orphan drugs. He drew attention to himself with his success and at the age of nineteen he was investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission for insider trading. The commission could not find any wrongdoing. Martin created his first…show more content…
He grew up in the Canarsie Bayview projects of the New York housing authority. He attended Northwest Michigan University on a football scholarship ultimately earning a bachelor’s degree in communication. His early career started with Xerox as a sales person then moving on to sales executive. Eventually he joined Starbucks as their director of retail operations and marketing in 1982. On a business trip to Milan he realized that there were coffee shops on every corner that not only sold great coffee but also served as great meeting places and central locations for the community and business people alike. He wanted to bring the concept to the Starbucks Company but was turned down by the proprietors of Starbucks at the time. He decided he would open his own coffee shops name IIGiornale since his ideas for the concept were shot down. After two years in business at his own coffee shops Schultz bought the Starbucks Retail business from Starbucks management. He soon rebranded his coffee shops under the Starbucks name and began the expansion of the brand to forcefully grow the company. In 2000 Schultz announced his resignation as the CEO and leader of Starbucks, only to comeback eight years later to the

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