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The book Riverkeep is written by Martin Stewart. This book is really hard to read so I would suggest people within the high school to adult range to read this book. The main characters in Riverkeep are Wulliam (Wull) Fobisher, Mix, and Tillinghast. Today I’m going to talk the setting, the plot, and the characters. The plot in Riverkeep is a boys magical adventure through the Danek River finding many magical creatures and beings along the way. As he goes along, he faces many, many challenges. Such as pirates and monsters. But there is one monster in particular that everyone fears. The Momorach. The Mormorach is a deep-sea creature that looms the Danek River. The setting in this story is in the Danek River and The time period is in between the 8th and 11th century. The Danek river…show more content…
He stops the boat and picks it up and seems surprisingly light. The body was made of mixed human parts. Then suddenly it comes alive. Wull asked what he was, and Tillinghast responded that he is a homunculus made from human parts. The way Mix and Wull met is pretty simple. Wull and his grandpa were just riding down the river while Wull was also giving water to Wull’s grandpa. His grandpa then scraped his knee on boards of the boat. They proceed to find a bandage but can’t find one. A random voice says that there’s one right here. So, when a girl (Mix) emerges from the water, they were shocked and put her on the ship. Mix has a very unusual type of body. She has bark-like skin with strange carvings on her. Today I talked about the plot, the setting, and the characters. The plot is about Wull and his magical journey through the Danek River, the setting is the Danek River, and the three main characters are Wull, Tillinghast, and Mix. I would recommend this book to anyone in high school and above reading level, and anyone who likes
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