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MARTIN LUTHER THE GREAT REFORMER by J.A. Morrison is a biography of a famous Christen hero, who took a stand against the Roman Catholic Church. The book tells Martins story from his birth to his death. The book begins with Hans and Margaret Luther seeing their new born son, Martin, on November 10, 1483. The author writes that “Every child is an unlocked chest of possibilities” and in Martin’s case, he was right. Martin only spent one year of his life in his birthplace, Eisleben, Germany. Then his family moved to Manfield, Germany. Martin didn’t really grow up with any woes. As an adult he writes, “My father was a poor miner and my mother carried wood from the forests on her back.” So, you couldn’t really say they lived in lexury. Poverty wasn’t the only difficult thing Martin had to deal with. Because his parent’s devotion to Catholicism, he was severely and drastically punished to the point where he couldn’t stand it anymore. He ran away from home, but that was short lived. During his childhood Martin learned to fear God, and to pray to Mary, to hold back His wrath. He also believed in fairy tales, mystical monsters, and superstitions. He was constantly living in fear.

When Martin came of age, he was sent to the local town school on a regular
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He nailed his famous 95 theses to the door of the Church of Wittenberg. The theses told people the truth about the Roman Catholic Church. This caused an outrage of all over the world. Some people hated Luther, some adored Luther, but everyone knew who Luther was. Martin went through many trials. Because he taught the truth about the Catholics, he was hunted and he went into to hiding. He could not stay away from preaching the truth. He emerged from his hiding to fight the good fight. Luther wrote many letters stating the truth about Christianity. Martin Luther died in the year 1546, but he will always be remembered as “The Great
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