Martin Van Buren: A Brief Biography

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Martin Van Buren was a successful president, who charmed the people of America and made a huge name for himself in the world of politics, but most of all Martin Van Buren was a step into making everyone in America equal-by being the first Dutch president. Martin Van Buren had grown up a poor boy with financial struggles, fought to open his own attorney’s office, and helped to make new laws for America and drag it out of the economical collapse in 1837. Not only this, but Martin’s life was full of hardship and working his way up the latter to where he became the president, making him an inspiration to many others like himself. He helped new laws about races be diffused and helped America evolve into a better place. Martin Van Buren was born to Abraham and Maria Van Buren on December 5, 1782 in Kinderhook, New York. He was born to a farming family, but his father also ran a tavern in his free time. This is where the young Martin was first exposed to politics, since the tavern served as a political meeting place. He…show more content…
He served as Columbia County surrogate from 1808 lasting until 1812, in which he was elected New York senate. He was a livid supporter of the administrations war effort during the War of 1812-a war between Britain and America that lasted two years-and helped by offering his political power. Soon after 1820, Martin Van Buren joined the “Bucktail” faction, exploring ideas of the New York Republican party. They gained a huge influence with Martin Van Buren, but in 1821 Martin Van Buren was voted United Stated Senate and left the party behind. He later emerged as a leader for President Andrew Jackson, which was rewarded by being appointed Secretary of State. He was trusted to be jackson’s best advisor and Jackson referred to him as, “a true man with no guile.” Later, after Martin resigned from his position and was elected Vice President in 1832, and was elected President in
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