Martin Van Buren: Criteria Of A Good Leader

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Based on my research of Martin Van Buren, I believe he succeeded in meeting the criteria of a good leader even though he was not the most popular President among the people of the United States. Not only was Van Buren a master politician, but he was also the person to create the union that later became the foundation of the Democratic Party. Before becoming the President, Van Buren served as President Andrew Jackson’s Secretary of State before becoming Jackson’s Vice President. After helping Jackson, he became the U.S. minister to Great Britain. Because of the many high positions he had throughout his life, he proved to the people of America that he was a good leader to later earn his position as the eighth President of the United States of America. As President, Martin Van Buren courageously called for the State and bank to separate through an Independent Treasury. An Independent Treasury was a system for the…show more content…
He only won the first time he ran. Though he was defeated twice, he was still prominent in Democratic Party politics. He did not allow his bitterness from his losses to keep him from participating to make the United States improve. Instead, he continued the Democratic principles that guided him in his career by writing an autobiography, which explains the development of political parties in America. Van Buren recovered from his losses and did not give up on his desire to contribute to politics. Martin Van Buren is a very influential man in history. His ability to form today’s Democratic Party is very impressive considering it has been over two centuries since he created this political party. Van Buren’s admirable contributions to politics of America have helped many leaders and will continue helping future leaders. Van Buren was also a member of President Andrew Jackson’s Kitchen Cabinet, which is an influential group to advise the President. Van Buren succeeded in being influential to many leaders of
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