Martin Van Buren Was A Man Of Failure

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Martin Van Buren was a man of failure. At least that's what the people thought after serving his first term as president of the United States of American. Van Buren was the eighteenth president. He is often associated with the stock market crash and his supporting views of Thomas Jefferson. An unfortunate nickname was given to him, "Martin Van Ruin". However, despite this nickname he did play a key role in American Politics. Martin Van Buren was born to Abraham and Maria Van Buren on December 5th, 1782. He was born into a large, Dutch family and would later become the first president of the United States not born a British subject. He grew up in the town Kinderhook, New York with his five siblings. They were a struggling family, but owned six slaves. Martin Van Buren was exposed to the topic of politics at a young age. His father owned a tavern that often held political meetings. He attended school at Kinderhook's one-room …show more content…

He played a large roll in the New York constitutional convention in 1820. Van Buren created a political party machine by the name of "Albany Regency" and continued to lead it even after he was elected for United States Senate in 1812. He moved to Washington D.C. to served on the finance committee and chaired the judiciary committee in the senate. Through his time on the United States Senate, Van Buren supported Andrew Jackson. Even after Jackson lost the election in 1824, Van Buren strived to work towards the 1828 election. He brought together the anti-Adams factions of the Democratic-Republicans. His work was a success. Andrew Jackson won the election of 1828. During that time, Van Buren won the New York gubernatorial election. However, he did not hold that position for very long. Andrew Jackson welcomed Van Buren to his cabinet as Secretary of State. This was a large stepping stone on the way to Martin Van Buren's

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