Descriptive Essay On Martin's Cove

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Sand particles pelted my dry face; the sun beat down on us as we trekked across the desolate desert. Walking was becoming harder, and I asked myself, “How am I going to keep walking?” The answer seemed to burst through my doubtful thinking, “If the pioneers can do it so can you!” Martin’s Cove was one of the best experiences I have had. On a hot summer day in July we arrived at the Martin’s Cove trail head. I was exhausted because that night I had ridden on an extremely uncomfortable bus, and had received only four or less hours of sleep. We began the day with breakfast, and it was delicious. They had made for us breakfast burritos, fruit, and juice boxes. That was one of the yummiest breakfasts that we had the entire trek in my opinion.…show more content…
As the dress code all the girls had to be dressed in long sleeve shirts with some sort of pantyhose under our skirts. These layers made the heat seem even more unbearable. Thank goodness Ma packed a squirt bottle! The sand kept slipping into my tennis shoes and we were constantly being smacked by small grains of sand. Sometimes it would get in my eyes and I would have to stop just so I could blink and get the sand out of my eyes. However, despite the painful sand and heat crossing the water was extraordinarily refreshing. After we had hiked about 3 miles we came upon Sweetwater River. Our Stake President gathered all of the families, and began telling the story of how the Saints had come upon Sweetwater River in the dead of winter. He told us how they trekked through the sheets of ice that covered the top of the water. This historical event brought tears into my eyes as I thought of how they encountered so many hardships, and here I was complaining to myself about the heat and long walking distance. As we crossed the river our leaders urged us to think about the Saints who had crossed this water long ago. In silence we crossed, and it felt like in that moment I was a pioneer crossing the dreaded Sweetwater River on my way to Zion. Following our crossing we were able to continue up to Martin’s
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