Maruti Suzuki Marketing Strategy

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TERM PAPER PROJECT SUBMITTED TOWARDS THE PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF UNDER GRADUATE DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUBMITTED BY: (Name)-MRIDUL MITTAL BBA (2013-2016) Roll No. :A3906413058 TABLE OF CONTENTS (Experience Based) Chapter No. Subject Introduction Industry Profile Target Market Maruti Suzuki’s share in market Brand positioning strategy 6. Promotional Strategies 7. Advertising Strategy 8. Distribution strategy 9. Conclusion INTRODUCTION (HISTORY) The manufacture of cars in India dates back to the year 1948. At that time there were only three companies that sell passenger vehicles, ie Premier Automobiles in Mumbai, Hindustan Motors (HM) in Kolkata and standard motors…show more content…
Maruti Suzuki revolutionized the industry and put a country on wheels. Since the beginning Maruti is credited catalyzed and led the modernization of the passenger car industry in India. During his 26 years of travel, Maruti Suzuki became a prevalent Company Public Sector (PSU) to a cheerful and Multi National Company (MNC) appears, maintained its leadership and site remained profitable despite the tough competition. On October 2, 1982 the company hired the license and joined a joint venture agreement with Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan. It was the first company in India to build products and sell more than one million cars. In 1983 the company began its productions and threw Maruti 800. In 1987 the company entered the foreign exchange market by exporting first batch of 500 cars to Hungary. In 2005 the car model measured world company launched the year popularly known as Maruti Suzuki Swift hit the Indian…show more content…
The basic unprejudiced behind the creation of the vast distribution network was to reach customers even in remote areas and deliver the products of the company. The company has formed zones dealers and perceived competition between these distributors has occurred. Periodically corporate image campaigns across authorization is performed. In 2003, to increase the competence of the company implemented a ploy to its dealers to increase their profitability intensities. Special awards were occasionally given by the company for sales of special categories. Maruti Suzuki had a perspective distributors to benefit more from various avenues such as financial services and insurance

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