Marvin And Family Ethos Pathos Logos

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Nasario Sylvester
Ms. Hayes
2, December 2015
Engl 910-16
Baby Marvin; baby or society You do not have to say it just think it, this is a well known phrase the pretty much sums up the main idea and topics of the comic Marvin & Family by Tom Armstrong. Within this comic it displays babies and often a dog which is a strong pathos appeals. Many of the ideas and concepts that run through baby martins head to seem too advanced for some his age to be thinking of. The use of logos appeals can easily be seen throughout the thoughts of young Marvin. Marvin in the comic is used to show how young children view the world as if they are the center of everything; this is an underlying message to show how we as a society display the same views and ideas however short. In Marvin we have a young child who the readers follow his life and thoughts. Other main charters are Marvin’s parents’ and dog. There have also been many friends and family of Marvin displayed in Marvin’s life. This comic is a daily comic within the news paper first published in 1982. The characters seem not to age, but in the comics Marvin was referred as both ages 1 and 2. This baby has a pretty active imagination where he can hear and understands the words and thoughts of both animals and humans. It is obvious that his imagination is limited to things that him. This
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Sometimes the comic does not focus on a Baby Marvin, but this is usually done to try and humanize the characters. Throughout the comic while Marvin is not speaking he has very distinct facial features. Since he is ‘tell it how it is’ kind of person the reader should easily tell what little Marvin has on his mind. Marvin can be seen used as a symbol for the way people in general think. Where we all want to have the idea we are social and nice people that displays acts of selflessness, but deep inside our heads we all have baby Marvins’ creating self centered thoughts
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