Marvin Foster Reaction Paper

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As he sits in his office on the second story of the community center, Marvin Foster gazes up at the various photographs and Mizzou memorabilia that pack his walls. A game-worn black and gold jersey, snapshots of Faurot Field and pictures of former teammates are wrapped around the room. Foster closes his eyes, takes a slow deep breath and relives the special moments covering the walls. “Man, you just can’t ever leave the game alone,” he said. The 6-foot-1 stature displayed by Foster forces him to tower over most of his co-workers. At 26, he finds himself as the administrator for Lenoir Woods Senior Services. His robust and muscular build is the reason why the buttons on his shirt appear ready to burst at any moment. His athletic shape can be largely attributed to his 14 years of football…show more content…
“You can’t have one without the other because they work in unison. If the employees are happy, then they’re going to deliver good service to our residents.” His role at Lenoir didn’t stop with being assistant administrator. After gaining his own license and working as an assistant for more than 13 months, Foster was promoted to head administrator in 2017. The promotion hasn’t caused Foster to drift away from his own personal goals. “I just want to be great,” Foster said. “I’m not big on titles or anything, and I’m at that age where money is important, but it’s not really a factor. I want to be able to find my a-ha moment where I finally get it, and I understand.” Foster realizes becoming great isn’t going to happen overnight. He listens to his voice of reason telling him he’s doing the right thing, and to be patient with the process. “I think it takes a certain type of person to work here. A type of person that plays football actually,” Foster said. “There is never going to be a perfect play but the true leaders are those that stand in the face of
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