Marvin Garbis Case

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On November 2, 2017, United States District Judge Marvin J. Garbis in Baltimore, Maryland sentenced Tara Kathleen Whyte, age 30, of Hollywood, Florida, and Gambrills, Maryland to 54 months in federal prison for bank fraud conspiracy and aggravated identity theft stemming from a banking scheme involving over $1 million in losses. Judge Garbis also ordered Whyte pay restitution in the amount of $77,422.06 (The Bay Net, 2017). Whyte was one of 13 members of a nationwide group of fraudsters known as the “Felony Lane Gang.” These individuals traveled from Florida to Maryland and other states broke into vehicles parked at recreation areas, sports fields, gyms, fitness centers, and other locations, and stole wallets, purses and other items left

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