Marvin Gaye Poetic Techniques

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This anti-war anthem was released to make a statement and make the deaths of so many felt by his audience. “There 's far too many of you dying”, Marvin Gaye begs us to understand how lives were being taken for a something that nobody would believe. Gaye knew along as other people in the world taken seriously due to their life against the war. They were often dismissed “but who are they to judge us, simply because our hair is long”, Marvin Gaye. Gaye was known to be somewhat a “hippie” and was speaking for himself and his fans, also “hippies”. In the chorus, Gaye writes about giving protesters a chance to be heard, not punished. “Picket lines and picket signs”, Marvin Gaye signifies the peaceful protest about the Vietnam War and “don’t punish
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