Marx And Mussolini: The Manifesto Of The Feudal System

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When the modern capitalist society has emerged, capitalism has massively impacted on many social aspects. The system had led to the dissolution and to an end of the Feudal system during the Middle Ages. There are many political thoughts, which consisted of significant frameworks for reforming and making some new changes to the society. This essay will mainly focus on two main political ideologies and identify the differences between these two houses, which are Marx and Mussolini. First, the German thinker, Marx, and a letter called “ Manifesto of the Communist Party”, bring about the concept of communism that was being used in many areas back in the olden days. For Mussolini, the Italian revolutionary, who adopted socialism but discovered later that it was not yet the right answer for himself. He was supported by the King Victor Emmanuel, then he became the prime minister, and established fascism for his own ruling. Initially, communism focuses on a classless society while fascists believe in a class-based society. As a result of capitalism, there were class struggles between “Bourgeoisie” the middle class and “Proletarians” working class. When money and profits are the most significant in the capitalist society, the employers treated their workers poorly, such as excessive working hours and received lower wages. The exploitation of
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