Marxian Model Of State Analysis

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Take-home Midterm 1) Please assess three models of state in Marxian theory. In Marxian theory, it is based on capitalism, as the economic relations determine social and political life. Marx sees capitalism as mode of production and in an economic level it has relatively and tentatives point of view about state. Marx critised three models of state and its relations with capitalist system and bourgeoisie. These models are the instrumental model, the arbiter model and the functionalist model (Nash 4-6). In the instrumental model of state, state is mainly an instrument. In this model we can see that how the working class can resist the exploitation and also in the modal economic power such as money and how it can translated into political…show more content…
In Weberian state, Weber view state as the most powerful institution in modern societies. The gained monopoly of force over the territory state became the powerful institution. 'Ownership of means of administration ' is the concept that states takes its power as monarchs. In the bureaucracies does not have control over what they do, therefore in Weber 's view, bureauctratic administration is only way of managing economical and political differentiated societies ( Nash 9-10). According to Weber, state is an institution sovereign the society. The state is found in a place that this place is as a whole and dominance of the state is prominent because it has a power of dominance even in strength in physical. Another assumption for Weber is 'modern state ' idea. Modern state has a tie with the law and rules. With that idea the citizens has rules and regulations which are regulating with the state for the peace of their society. Most important thing in Weber 's analyze of state is that this dominance of the state is only possible with the people who are educated according to this way. This can conclude with the dominance of the state. The parts of the state can be used to regulate the society. In our daily lives we talk about the dominance of state, and dominance the bureaucracy. This is an example of how well Weber defines…show more content…
Globalization is important process for capitalism societies. Sovereignty as it comes from state own dominance, besides the state dominance of sovereinty, there is sovereignty of the society. The concept of NGOs and INGOs , they are important for sovereignty and the process of globalization. NGO means Non-Governmental Organization such as TGV, LÖSEV in Turkey and INGO means International Non-Governmental Organization such as Greenpeace. In Turkey after the earthquake from 1999, people saw the helplessness of the state and they start to found NGOs. Before the earthquake there were not enough NGOs. People start to think that they have to organize and do something because the state cannot do something. Powerless state comes with the dominance of society in some aspects such as this. Furthermore INGOs also organizations among society which can help globalization because it is international and also sovereignty

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