Marxism And Sayyid Qutb Similarities

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In this paper, I decided to discuss both of Sayyid Qutb and Karl Marx as I find them so comparable. The reason why I chose these two thinkers is that their ideologies, Islamism and Marxism have some similarities and some differences that’s why they can be comparable. When we look at the similarities, we can see that the two ideologies Islamism and Marxism almost have the same main idea which is throughout the history of mankind there has always been a struggle between good and evil, the evil that always threatens the existence of us mankind. And as evil people exist, there are also good people who exist in order to save mankind from this evil power. Those good people exist in order to achieve the utopia where we have a society with no classes and where this utopia only has those people who truly follow the true faith. In addition, the Islamist movement, like the Marxist movement, tends to leave the field of political preoccupations for secular groups while it focuses on making plans in order to achieve the political and social transformation. The importance of Sayyid Qutb is similar to the importance of Karl Marx, whose ideas were present in the twentieth century because these ideas struggle with the political history of this century. His importance is similar to this of Karl Marx to the point that he was called “Karl Marx of Islamist global Jihad” due to the writings he wrote in prison and left behind after his execution in 1966. Sayyid Qutb and Karl Marx has almost the
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