Patriarchy In A Doll's House Essay

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Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” is a critique of an unequal society with its structured hierarchy of male dominance. The play seems to be a serious social commentary of the time period when it was written. The characters in the play bring four issues of power and control, ignorance and innocence, rebirth and social status. Ibsen created Nora’s character in doll’s house to represent that women of that time period was unaware of their situation in society but in play women were also taught to overcome their unawareness. As their was nurse to take care of their children so Nora was not taking care of her children so whenever she like to meet her children she meets them so Nora realizes at the end of the play that she is totally controlled by…show more content…
For example, in a marriage and household, it is women who most experience. Women rights such as the selection of work, sexual control, and reproduction are seldom to be got or have not been able to fully enjoy because of the hegemony of patriarchal ideology in all areas of life. However, in A Doll’s house, Nora is a weak creature who is always marginalized when dealing with her husband. In economy, Nora always obeys her husband in using the money because Nora who not works in public cannot earn money. From the explanation above, the writer finds the practice of patriarchy to be a serious problem in the society where women cannot free in doing any activities in public area. Hence, the writer chooses A Doll’s house to be the subject of the analysis and the practice of patriarchy in economic scope as the object of this research. The writer chooses A Doll’s House to be the subject of this research because this drama is one of the famous literary works in the world and many practices of patriarchy are inside. Besides, this drama reflects Norwegian culture during the nineteenth century. The writer chooses patriarchy in an economic scope as the object of this research because the domination of men harms women‘s position as the wife in the household especially in economy, so this research is important to
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