Marx's Theory Of Differentitarianism And Socialization Of Women

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OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN: NORTHEAST SUBMITTED BY: YANU TAKO (3rd SEMESTER) COURSE: SOCIOLOGY OF MINORITIES AND ETHNIC GROUPS (CSSS) COURSE INSTRUCTOR: DR. A. BIMOL AKOIJAM “It is true, and very much to the point, that women are objects, commodities, some deemed more ex- pensive than others-but it is only by asserting one 's humanness every time, in all situations, that one becomes someone as opposed to something. That, after all, is the core of our struggle.” - Andrea Dworkin, Woman Hating Objectification of women is a growing social concern. The idea of objectification can be understood as - A human being regarded and/or treated as an object. The idea of objectification thus states a thing that can be owned, used or discarded. Therefore, Objectification will be argued as morally problematic. The famous theory of Marx’s analysis of capitalism can also help us to understand as to how problematic this term is. His analysis of the object like treatment of workers under capitalism, and the absence of concern for experiences and feelings. The gradual erosion of health through low substandard of living conditions may as well be regarded as a kind of slow physically abuse. Spiritual

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