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Mary and Max The first time I saw Mary and Max, I didn’t like it as it made me very sad. Mary and Max is a very deep bittersweet film about the friendship of two very incomplete souls. The second and subsequent times I watch it, I begin to understand the film a little better and are made more aware of people with mental illness and their world. This world is a rather cruel place. When people do not fully understand something, they prefer to take the cognitive shortcut and just brush off the complicated grey areas. In general, people prefer to look the other way rather than face the awkwardness to deal with individuals whom they deemed as “incomplete”. Mary and Max is about the unlikely friendship between an 8-year old girl who lives in Melbourne and a 44-year old man in New York. They both have their degrees of instability. Their friendship started when Mary got Max’s name and address from a phone book at the post office and writes to Max to ask him where babies comes from in New York. This started a friendship that lasts decades. Max is a 6 feet 352 pounds obese man. He goes to Overeaters Anonymous every Thursdays to try and lose weight because his psychiatrist says a healthy body…show more content…
If Max had known much earlier that he has Asperger’s Syndrome, he would not have experienced the traumatic life experience as he had. Max would have accepted his shortcomings and have the freedom of will to change for the better. It’s just that people and society in general are not aware of the many types of disorders and that help is available. Max is just unfortunate that he is an orphan and did not have anyone to help him. Mr Erikson say that the Identity vs Role Confusion stage usually ends when the teenager is aged 25 to 30 but the theory lacks any object way to determine if a person has “passed” or “failed” a particular stage of development. Mr Erikson also tends to be somewhat vague about the difference experiences and events that mark between success and failure at each

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