Mary Ann Warren Abortion Analysis

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Due to the complex nature of abortion and the surrounding issues, many ethical issues have risen in reasonable to the legislation of abortion.Currently in England abortion is legal, however it is not freely given at the request of a women. In order for a women to gain permission for a abortion to go ahead the signatures of two doctors is required on the basis of restrictive legal criteria. However is other places around the world such as countries in South America, and North Africa, women are prevented from being able to access abortions legally and safely. Mary Ann Warren highlights the issues surrounding not allowing women to access abortions. Her feminist stance puts forward the case for women to abort unwanted pregnancies when a women choses to do so, without the permission of others. She argues that to prohibit abortion, is to only lead to more unsafe back street abortions putting women at a higher overall risk. For warren abortion is essential…show more content…
However this fuels the social attitude in which women must seek permission, when many consider abortion to be a right which all women should have access too. This poses the question of if limiting the rights of women is ever justifiable in the best interests of the baby, the roman catholic church argue that a foetus is a person from the moment of conception this means that they to are entitled to the same rights of the mother and to have an abortion is to murder a living being. From this perspective it is apparent that they argue it is justifiable to put the rights of the foetuses; despite this point when a foetus is though to gain rights is a key point to this argument. As personhood would determine when a foetus is able to gain rights, although critics would argue that even still this does not warrant them to have the same full rights that the mother would
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