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Exercise One: Judging the book by its cover, Mary Anne Brifman is a woman of style and sophistication. She wore a timeless black blouse and laced herself in strands of stunning white pearls. The delicate wrinkles in her décolletage and her loosely pined wisps of hair defied the stereotypes of a prominent Madam. By The light in her face when she talked you also wouldn’t guess she was back in Queensland to deal with her mother’s murder. In fact, the only thing that hinted at her naughty and troubled life chapters were her cocked eyebrows, a few frown lines, her cheeky smirk and the way she commanded your attention from a knowingly raised finger. Exercise Two: Marcus Einfeld is a conductor and his answers are his symphony. His long and lamenting sentences and constant deep sighs play the strings of remorse. His soft tones and calm-spoken intelligence is the reassuring bass. It’s obvious in Einfeld’s well thought out and happy to agree answers that the title of this piece is sympathy. Like every good conductor he’s made his adjustments, worked out his interpretation and is ready to relay his vision to his audience. Then Sarah Ferguson plays the wrong string: “but you’ve done this before”. You can almost picture Einfeld’s baton moving sharper and faster. “I don’t tell untruths”. His…show more content…
There’s a new sparkle regurgitating, milk spitting, blue eyebrowed Cyrus in her ‘Dooo it’ video. Nothing says “I’m an adult now” more than her definite, piercing and crazed blue eyes that keep appearing on the screen. Hannah Montana is dead and this provocatively biting, cursing and licking Cyrus killed her. She’s unrecognisable when compared to the innocent and crooked tooth girl in ‘Butterfly Fly Away’. Cyrus’ butterfly has flown far, far away from the beaten track of other transitioned child stars, experienced a reverse cacoon effect and produced a new bizarre little

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