Mary Anne Character Analysis

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The transformation that Mary Anne went through after coming to Vietnam with Mark Fossie is unsettling to the readers and the characters in the story. As a human being, all of us assume that an innocent person is not capable of acting weird and having a change in their behavior. Therefore, when Mary Anne was completely consumed by the Vietnamese culture is was surprising. We only expect the worst in people who are unattractive. When an innocent and beautiful young girl like Mary Anne changes to a worse person it becomes difficult for people to expect it. When she was first exposed to the Vietnamese culture, she there was emotions within her. But, after a couple of days, Rat noticed that “there was no emotion in her stare, no sense of the person behind it...At the girl’s throat was a necklace of human tongues” (O’Brien 17). Walking around with human tongues as a necklace is not normal it is one of the worst act a person can do. But, who would have expected an innocent girl like Mary Anne to do such actions? It is traumatizing to the men when they saw Mary Anne’s transformation. At first, when she came to Vietnam, she was only seen as a pleasure-seeking object for the men. She was an attractive girl. Too wide in the shoulders, maybe, but she had terrific legs, a bubbly personality, a happy smile” (5). Every man liked her personality. They have never imagined a beautiful girl to become so serious about other actions, like the Vietnam war. She was not even “afraid to get her
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