Mary Anne From Vietnam Character Analysis

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The transformation that Mary Anne went through after coming to Vietnam with Mark Fossie is unsettling to the readers and the characters in the story. As a human being, all of us assume that an innocent person is not capable of acting weird and having a change in their behavior. Therefore, when Mary Anne was completely consumed by the Vietnamese culture is was surprising.
We only expect the worst in people who are unattractive. When an innocent and beautiful young girl like Mary Anne changes to a worse person it becomes difficult for people to expect it. When she was first exposed to the Vietnamese culture, she there was emotions within her. But, after a couple of days, Rat noticed that “there was no emotion in her stare, no sense of the person
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The guys were talking about bringing women to the land to gain sexual pleasure for them. They have never expected a girl to become involved with the Vietnam war. As a result, when she become involved with the war, it became hard for them to expect it. In a way, they were prejudiced towards women by having the thoughts that girls are not meant to take such actions. But, Marry Anne did change herself. She “wore a white blouse, a navy blue skirt, a pair of plain black flats. Over dinner she kept her eyes down, poking at her food, subdued to the point of silence”. The transformation of Mary Anne was a quick one, which the men have never imagined to happen. She started to change her lifestyle and clothing completely. Her transformation helps people to understand the nature of human being. It teaches us that anyone can change at any point in their life. Change is not only limited to a person 's outer beauty and personality. We need to understand that a person with a positive personality has the potential to turn into a person having the worst personality. Change is totally dependent on the environment a person is exposed to. Depending on that environment, a change might be positive or it might be a negative
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