Mary Anning Is A Self-Taught Paleontology

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Mary Anning was a self taught paleontologist. Mary Anning was born to

Richard and Mary Moore on May 21, 1799 in Lyme Regis, England. Mary Anning

was born two years after her older brother Joseph.

When she was only fifteen months old, Mary Anning survived being struck

by lightning. She was in the arms of a neighbour under an elm tree, when a bolt of

lightning struck the tree. In 1809 her father Richard died this caused her to quit

school. When she was young women were not allowed to go to any universities. So

she had a very difficult time becoming a paleontologist.

In her later years, she had no husband or kids, so she chose

work all the time. On December 10th, 1828 Mary and her brother discovered bones
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