Mary Blair's Influence In The Walt Disney Industry

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MEDIA STUDIES: ASSIGNMENT 2 MARY BLAIR The purpose of this paper is to review the artist, Mary Blair, and elucidate her influence from my own perspective. Becoming a legend in The Walt Disney Company, she has developed beautiful attractions for many people, like me, since our childhood. It is her modernist style of work that never failed to catch the eye. Who does not fantasize Disney? Everyone has, once in a while in their lifetime, may it be to a small or large extent. The credits of impeccable imageries that brought out the inner child in many people go to Mary Blair. Mary Blair, an American artist born in Oklahoma, was famous for being the mastermind behind animated films, which include Cinderella, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and many more. In addition to this, she designed the art for Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” and Epcot’s world Showcase. Her illustrations were also seen in print in “I can fly”, a book by Ruth Krauss. These are some of her most famous contributions. However, even her minute works have never failed to meet the limelight. What happens in Mary Blair’s studio is far beyond one’s imagination. Her depictions included combinations of colours and graphic shapes that could have never been thought of. Her visual concepts brought out remarkable stories. I feel they are refreshing, colourful, fun, happy and alive! She used repeating shapes, round angles and mute colours that gave an appealing impact. I opine that the emotions depicted through each of
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