Mary Brave Bird Reflection

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While looking back to Part VI in the book and reviewing the essays, I have learned a lot about the life experiences from different kinds of people and how their background influenced their life. The unique stories in this part were all really eye-opening and interesting to read, because you might not knew or noticed what was happening back in the days. People simply do not pay attention to the different lifestyle other individuals might have, they might be ignorant or they don’t understand their lifestyle including their life experiences. A great example is the essay from Mary Brave Bird’s and Richard Erdoes “Civilize Them With A Stick”. Here the author Mary Brave Bird is talking about how her family’s and her own life experience as a Native American was. She talks…show more content…
He is an Asian American who talks about how racial profiling is disadvantaging people in general and how society is excluding the Asian society who were seen as outsiders. He’s not just referring to Asian American he mentioned to consider all races in this world, because that’s what makes this world so special an unique; the different types of character from all over the world. With his essay he points out to stop the stereotype thinking and to look behind the cliché. Yuri Kochiyama shows in her essay “Then Came The War” how she experienced racism and prejudice against the Japanese community. The different treatment from everyone else was only based on the individual’s race. . In her story we learn how the ignorance by some Americans has isolated and discriminated some ethnic groups including Japanese, Chinese, Africans or Native Americans. When we experience injustice in our country then we need to stand up together as a whole community. In Study Terkel’s powerful interview essay “C.P. Ellis”, Ellis is talking about the daily struggles he had to face and how living in poverty had influenced his
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