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Mary Bryant was given birth in 1765 Fowey, Cornwall England. Towards the age of 19 Marry had been appearing for work when she found herself a task as a highway woman. At the age of 21 (1786), Mary was then founded guilty of assaulting a single woman and stealing a silk Bonnet off her. Because of this crime Mary was then sentenced to death. Soon after her sentenced changed too, 7 years transportation. Mary was committed to the prison hulk, Dukirk in Plymouth. In May 1787 Mary then had been shipped with the First Fleet to Australia as her Punishment of thievery ended up in deportation. Mary then boarded the Ship ‘Charlotte’ and a short while after she became pregnant with the liaison on the Dukirk, who she was using to get herself advantages such as good food, better hygiene and being allowed on deck which none of the other convicts were fortunate enough to receive. During the journey she fell in love with a fellow convict William Bryant, whom she had spent much time with below deck which made trouble between the liaison and William as they both loved Marry. Soon after the arrival to Sydney Cove 1788, Marry and William got married and had a son together named Emanuel.…show more content…
She grew up in a little fishing village with little money. As she got older she started looking for work and found herself a job being a highway woman. During this time she committed petty thievery which she didn 't get in trouble for but lead her into more severe problems of Major crimes which ended being resolved in

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