Mary Chase's Beloved Pooka In American Culture

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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, American playwright Mary Chase was inspired by multiple events in her life. In 1942, she knew she wanted to write a comedy that Americans that would make Americans laugh again after World War II.

Soon after, Mary had a rather odd dream one evening in which a psychologist was being chased by a giant rabbit. HARVEY was inspired by this dream, her desire to bring laughter to Americans, and mythical figures that her Irish family told her about while growing up - Pookas.

Pookas are mischievous, yet harmless, fairies from Celtic folklore. These shape-changing creatures most often take the appearance of horses, goats and rabbits. They may also take human form, which can include various animal features, such a giant ears or a tail.
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His special powers are exposed through his ability to stop clocks. Today, Harvey remains the most famous and beloved Pooka in American
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